A Personal Memoir by Gillian Angrave

Gillian Angrave spent thirty years in the Diplomatic Service, nearly all as Ambassador’s PA. Many Ambassadors write their memoirs describing great events and issues. This is Gill’s story from the other side of the desk. But don’t expect beans to be spilled or scores to be settled. She has a kind and lucid pen and loved her career.

Gillian Angrave in Macchu Picchu, one of the images in her book From Oceans to Embassies

The Orianna Cruise ship as featured in Gill Angrave's book from Oceans to Embassies

Gill Angrave, author of the book 'From Oceans to Embassies'

A Splendid Journey

In “From Oceans to Embassies”, she takes the reader on a splendid journey, first as an Assistant Purser on P&O’s liners, CANBERRA and ORIANA, and then in the Diplomatic Service to Latin America, the Philippines and Eastern Europe. There are plenty of anecdotes, from golf with Prince Andrew in Hungary, where she was the Women’s Open Champion in 1991, to being thrown out of Guatemala in 1981 because of the Independence of Belize. Particularly touching is the description of her sadness on walking across the quadrangle and under the arch of the Foreign Office on her last day. How many of us have felt the same?

The Book

Gill’s travelling career may be over, but she still manages to discover and write about new and exciting destinations such as Venice, and she has found added happiness as a Registrar of Marriages in West Sussex.

Gill’s book can be obtained through her website, by contacting her via email info@gillianangrave.co.uk, or through Amazon.

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